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NodeClass Applications
NodeClass Multicheck
NodeClass Pingable Node (ICMP)
NodeClass Veam backup
NodeClass Operating System
NodeClass Microsoft Windows
NodeClass Windows Server 2008
AgentCheckEventlog Application
Goto GraphInformation:Microsoft-Windows-CEIP:0:1007:N/ Experi...
DomainDemo SysOrb
Goto GraphResponse in 37 ms
DomainExample website check
With SysOrb you can easily check if your website is responding as it should. If your site is not responding SysOrb can sent you an alert (mail or sms). SysOrb checks your site every 30 second. With SysOrb you can also check specific subsites and check for specific content pattern which should appear on your website. In the SysOrb webinterface you always have a graph showing you how your website has been responding and how it is responding right now.
NodeClass Operating System
NodeClass Microsoft Windows
NodeClass Windows Server 2003
AgentCheckService Computer Browser
Goto GraphThe service is stopped
This Domain represent a remote LAN. A SysOrb satellite has been installed behind the firewall in the LAN. The SysOrb Satellite is basically a reduced-featured SysOrb Server and is used to monitor remote LAN's and is especially usefull if you want to do IP polling and SNMP monitoring in a remote LAN. So SysOrb can perform Netchecks(e.g ping,Http) behind the firewall and still all configuration and setup is done from the Master SysOrb server.
The satellite can also be used for creating multiple netchecks checks (from varous locations). Notice that we perform a http check on from the BusinessHouse location but we also do the same check in the domain "Example WWW check" which comes from the master server which is not located in BusinessHouse.