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This column shows the status of the worst NetCheck.
This column indicates, if the SysOrb Agent has checked in when it should.
If the box is empty, you have not set the frequency with which the Agent should check in, go to Configure -> Edit node.
This column shows the status of the worst Check reported from the SysOrb Agent or an SNMP Agent.
This column shows link as provided by the "Information URL" when editing the node/domains. Set this by going to Configure -> Edit Node/Domain
DomainDemo SysOrb Network: Alert Checkin: OK System: Alert  
- Domain
This Domain represent a remote LAN. A SysOrb satellite has been installed behind the firewall in the LAN. The SysOrb Satellite is basically a reduced-featured SysOrb Server and is used to monitor remote LAN's and is especially usefull if you want to do IP polling and SNMP monitoring in a remote LAN. So SysOrb can perform Netchecks(e.g ping,Http) behind the firewall and still all configuration and setup is done from the Master SysOrb server.
The satellite can also be used for creating multiple netchecks checks (from varous locations). Notice that we perform a http check on from the BusinessHouse location but we also do the same check in the domain "Example WWW check" which comes from the master server which is not located in BusinessHouse.
 Network: No checks Checkin: No checks System: Unknown  
 |DomainKunde1  Network: No checks  Checkin: No checks  System: No checks   
 |Domainkunde2  Network: No checks  Checkin: No checks  System: No checks   
 |Domainkunde3  Network: No checks  Checkin: No checks  System: No checks   
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NodeClass Operating System
NodeClass Microsoft Windows
NodeClass Windows Server 2003  Network: No checks  Checkin: No checks  System: Unknown