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This column shows the status of the worst NetCheck.
This column indicates, if the SysOrb Agent has checked in when it should.
If the box is empty, you have not set the frequency with which the Agent should check in, go to Configure -> Edit node.
This column shows the status of the worst Check reported from the SysOrb Agent or an SNMP Agent.
This column shows link as provided by the "Information URL" when editing the node/domains. Set this by going to Configure -> Edit Node/Domain
DomainDemo SysOrb Network: Alert Checkin: OK System: Alert  
Example website check 
With SysOrb you can easily check if your website is responding as it should. If your site is not responding SysOrb can sent you an alert (mail or sms). SysOrb checks your site every 30 second. With SysOrb you can also check specific subsites and check for specific content pattern which should appear on your website. In the SysOrb webinterface you always have a graph showing you how your website has been responding and how it is responding right now.
|DomainHeadquarter (Copenhagen)           Link
|DomainProduction Plant (China)            
|DomainRegional Sales Office (Amsterdam)            
Regional Sales Office (HongKong) 
This is an example of domain which has been set into downtime.
Read more about this feature her:
|DomainRegional Sales Office (Montreal)            
|DomainRegional Sales Office (New York)            
|DomainRegional Sales Office (Sydney)            
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NodeClass Applications
NodeClass Multicheck
NodeClass Pingable Node (ICMP)
NodeClass Veam backup
NodeClass Operating System
NodeClass Microsoft Windows
NodeClass Windows Server 2008  Network: OK  Checkin: OK  System: Alert  Link
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|ReportLicense report            
|Reportlog entries            
|ReportOverview downtime            
|ReportReport example